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    A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

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    This project is looking for maintainers to support and enhance Pure.css. If you are interested please leave a comment in the Github issue.


    Pure is meant to be a starting point for every website or web app. We take care of all the CSS work that every site needs, without making it look cookie-cutter:

    • A responsive grid that can be customized to your needs.

    • A solid base built on Normalize.css to fix cross-browser compatibility issues.

    • Consistently styled buttons that work with <a> and <button> elements.

    • Styles for vertical and horizontal menus, including support for dropdown menus.

    • Useful form alignments that look great on all screen sizes.

    • Various common table styles.

    • An extremely minimalist look that is super-easy to customize.

    • Responsive by default, with a non-responsive option.

    • Extremely small file size: 3.7KB minified + gzip.

    Get Started

    Check out the Get Started page for more information.

    Build From Source

    Optionally, you can build Pure from its source on Github. To do this, you'll need to have Node.js and npm installed. We use Grunt to build Pure.

    $ git clone
    $ cd pure
    $ npm install
    $ grunt

    Build Files

    Now, all Pure CSS files should be built into the pure/build/ directory. All files that are in this build directory are also available on the CDN. The naming conventions of the files in the build/ directory follow these rules:

    • [module]-core.css: The minimal set of styles, usually structural, that provide the base on which the rest of the module's styles build.

    • [module]-nr.css: Rollup of [module]-core.css + [module].css + [module]-[feature].css from the src/[module]/ dir. This is the non-responsive version of a module.

    • [module].css: Rollup of [module]-nr.css + [module]-r.css from the build/ dir. This is the responsive version of a module.

    • *-min.css: A minified file version of the files of the same name.

    • pure.css: A rollup of all [module].css files in the build/ dir. This is a responsive roll-up of everything, non-minified. Note: does not contain responsive grids with @media queries.

    • pure-min.css: Minified version of pure.css that should be used in production.

    • pure-nr.css: A Rollup of all modules without @media queries. This is a non-responsive roll-up of everything, non-minified.

    • pure-nr-min.css: Minified version of pure-nr.css that should be used in production.

    • grids-responsive.css: Unminified version of Pure's grid stylesheet which includes @media queries.

    • grids-responsive-min.css: Minified version of grids-responsive.css that should be used in production.

    Browser Support and Testing

    Pure is tested and works in:

    • IE 10+
    • Latest Stable: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
    • iOS 12+
    • Android 6+

    Docs and Website

    Pure's website is located in the site directory. Please feel free to open issues or questions in the Issue tab.


    See the CONTRIBUTING file for information on how to contribute to Pure.


    This software is free to use under the Yahoo! Inc. BSD-3-Clause license. See the LICENSE file for license text and copyright information.


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