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A command line utility to keep track of recently released comics.


You'll need to set the environment variable COMICVINE_API_KEY which you can get at


pull-list takes a text file listing the comics to look up.

pull-list filename


Issues this week
Uncanny X-Men came out 4 days ago
Hawkeye came out 4 days ago
East of West came out 4 days ago
The Walking Dead came out 4 days ago
Batman came out 4 days ago
Old issues
Saga came out 95 days ago
Iron Man came out 11 days ago
The Manhattan Projects came out 32 days ago
American Vampire came out 193 days ago

Pull list file format

The current file format depends on you knowing the Comicvine ID for the volume you're looking up. The ID is in the url on, eg:

Sample file: pull-list.txt

4050-50941: Hawkeye
4050-46568: Saga
4050-57181: Uncanny X-Men
4050-42721: Batman
4050-59366: East of West
4050-18166: Walking Dead
4050-53725: Iron Man
4050-46365: Manhattan Projects
4050-32051: American Vampire