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Standard error objects for pug. This module is intended for use by the lexer, parser, loader, linker, code-generator and any plugins.

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npm install pug-error


var error = require('pug-error');

error(code, message, options)

Create a Pug error object.

code is a required unique code for the error type that can be used to pinpoint a certain error.

message is a human-readable explanation of the error.

options can contain any of the following properties:

  • filename: the name of the file causing the error
  • line: the offending line
  • column: the offending column
  • src: the Pug source, if available, for pretty-printing the error context

The resulting error object is a simple Error object with additional properties given in the arguments.

Caveat: the message argument is stored in err.msg, not err.message, which is occupied with a better-formatted message.

var error = require('pug-error');
var err = error('MY_CODE', 'My message', {line: 3, filename: 'myfile', src: 'foo\nbar\nbaz\nbash\nbing'});
// { code: 'PUG:MY_CODE', 
//   msg: 'My message', 
//   line: 3, 
//   column: undefined, 
//   filename: 'myfile', 
//   src: 'foo\nbar\nbaz\nbash\nbing', 
//   message: 'myfile:3\n    1| foo\n    2| bar\n  > 3| baz\n    4| bash\n    5| bing\n\nMy message' } 
throw err;