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Puddle is a reactive coding environment backed by the Pomagma inference engine.


Install node, npm, and mongodb. Then

git clone
cd puddle
npm install
npm test        # optional

Quick Start

To run a local Puddle server using the public Pomagma server:

  1. Install Puddle as above

  2. Start a Puddle server

    npm start                   # Ctrl-C to stop
  3. In a browser, navigate to http://localhost:34934

To optionally run a local Pomagma server

  1. Install Pomagma

  2. Start a Pomagma analyst server

    python -m pomagma analyze   # Ctrl-C to stop
  3. Restart puddle pointing to the local server

    POMAGMA_ANALYST_ADDRESS=tcp://localhost:34936 nodejs main.js



Puddle was factored out of Pomagma in 2014.


Copyright 2013-2014 Fritz Obermeyer.
Puddle is licensed under the MIT license.