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    IoT TempoDB Bridge over PubNub

    Secure your IoT data and enable global WAN access with PubNub and the TempoDB Bridge for all Internet of Things devices. This bridge allows you to interface with TempoDB using any PubNub Client SDK.

    Internet of Things with PubNub and TempoDB

    Supported Client SDKs such as JavaScript, C, mBed (ARM), Electric Emp, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC32, Ruby, iOS Objective-C, Android Embedded, Java, PHP, .NET C#, Node.js and more! You can connect all your IoT devices using this bridge adapter.

    There are no firewall rules to configure and the bridge adapter can run on any network connected computer behind a closed firewall. This includes your laptop! And even your data center with closed firewall rules. Wow how does that work?

    PubNub IoT TempoDB Bridge Setup

    Install dependencies using NPM simple package management system.

    npm install pubnub-tempodb

    PubNub IoT TempoDB Example Server Bridge

    You can run the following from your laptop to web-enable TempoDB. This script below is an example usage of the server bridge. You can simply run node server.js after you've installed pubnub-tempodb npm library.

    // - server.js -
    // Load IoT TempoDB PubNub Bridge Server
    var PubNubTempoDBServer = require('pubnub-tempodb');
    // Start PubNub TempoDB Server Bridge
        pubnub : {
            ssl           : true,
            publish_key   : 'pub-c-74c6367e-98c4-43a5-8ff9-64946f32dbc7',
            subscribe_key : 'sub-c-a7f2d50e-d544-11e3-b488-02ee2ddab7fe',
            secret_key    : 'sec=sec-c-NTkwNTIyMTctMzA5Mi00ZDg2LTg4MzgtOWIxMDJiNDM2MTFj',
            channel       : 'temodb',
            connect       : server_ready
        tempodb : {
            secure : true,
            key    : '438cbdf5aff34aea8d29556ea22670f4', 
            secret : '764de767e00a445aaaa841d9b94e2fda'

    PubNub IoT TempoDB Communication Layer

    Once you have the server running, you can begin communication over the bridge directly with TempoDB service.

    Open PubNub IoT TempoDB Bridge

    After opening and if your server is running, you'll be able to communicate with the server bridge, regardless of firewalls or ports. This bridge works on laptops and inside data center servers and virtualized environments as well.


    npm i pubnub-tempodb

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