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    NPM publish flatten

    Publish npm packages with flattened source directory


    If you ever been annoyed by imports like the one below then this is the tool for you.

    import styles from "project/dist/styles"

    It does the following:

    1. Runs npm pack --dry-run to get a list of all files to publish
    2. Copies all files to temporary directory .npmPublishFlatten with flattened paths
    3. Updates package.json to correspond to the flattened structure
    4. Strips fields from package.json (optional)
    5. Publishes the content of the temporary directory to npm (optional)
    6. Removes temporary directory (optional)


    npm install publish-flatten --save


    node node_modules/publish-flatten --flatten dist
    In below examples I'm going to omit the node_modules/ path for cleaner code.

    Default npm publish

    Published directory structure
    $ npm publish
    ├── package.json
    └──  dist
        ├── index.js
        └── sub
            ├── util.js
    Import code
    import project from "project/dist"
    import util from "project/dist/sub/util"


    Multiple directories and sub directories can be flattened.

    Published directory structure
    $ node publish-flatten --flatten dist --flatten dist/sub
    ├── package.json
    ├── index.js
    ├── util.js
    Import code
    import project from "project"
    import util from "project/util"

    Strip fields from package.json

    Sometimes you have information in your package.json that you don't want to publish. These can be stripped using the --strip argument.

    Removes scripts and devDependencies from package.json before publishing.
    node publish-flatten --strip scripts --strip devDependencies

    CLI arguments

     --flatten      Directory to be flattened. Can be repeated for additional directories.
     --strip        Field in package.json to strip/remove. Can be repeated for additional fields.
     --keepResult   Keep temporary directory with the published files.

    Additional arguments

    All additional arguments are passed on to the underlying npm publish process. This means that you can still pass arguments to npm publish.

    Parameter --dry-run is passed on to npm publish.
    node publish-flatten --flatten dist --dry-run

    Create npm script

    An easy way to always get your build with correct flattened dirs is to create an script in package.json.

        "scripts": {
            "pub": "node node_modules/publish-flatten --flatten dist --strip scripts"

    This can then be called by: npm run pub
    Or with additional arguments: npm run pub -- --dry-run


    npm i publish-flatten

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