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PSWinCom Gateway node module

node.js module for sending sms messages through PSWinCom SMS Gateway.


$ npm install pswincom-gateway


The module exposes a single function called sendSms (aliased to send_sms and sendsms to suit your preference).

var sendSms = require("pswincom-gateway").sendSms;

sendSms can be invoked in several ways

1) Required arguments directly

sendSms(user, passwd, sender, receivers, msg);

where receivers is an array of strings (phone numbers including country codes, with no leading zeros or plus sign).

2) Optionally add a success handler

sendSms(user, passwd, sender, receivers, msg,
  function(result) {

3) Optionally add an error handler

sendSms(user, passwd, sender, receivers, msg,
  function(result) {
    console.log("SMS result: ", result);
  function(error) {
    console.log("SMS error: ", error);

4) Probably the preferred way: using an object

in which case done and error are still optional

  user: "YOUR_USERNAME", 
  password: "YOUR_PASSWORD", 
  sender: "YOUR_SENDER", 
  receivers: [ "RECEIVER_1" ], 
  message: "A test message",
  done: function(status) { 
    // ...
  error: function(error) {
    // ...

When you pass your arguments as an object you may also add some extra arguments that are sometime usefull:

  • deliveryTime [Date object] for delayed delivery
  • operation [Number] for operation to perform on message (useful for unicode messages)
  • more to come...