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PageSpeed Insights with reporting

Run mobile and desktop performance tests for your deployed site using Google PageSpeed Insights V2 with tidy reporting for your build process.


$ npm install --save psi


const psi = require('psi');
// Get the PageSpeed Insights report 
psi('').then(data => {
// Output a formatted report to the terminal 
psi.output('').then(() => {
// Supply options to PSI and get back speed and usability scores 
psi('', {nokey: 'true', strategy: 'mobile'}).then(data => {
  console.log('Speed score:', data.ruleGroups.SPEED.score);
  console.log('Usability score:', data.ruleGroups.USABILITY.score);

As of PSI 2.x, we expose both the PageSpeed Insights speed and usability scores. The latter is based on usability rules that score a page based on factors like the presence of a sensible mobile viewport.


psi(url, [options])

Returns a Promise for the response data from Google PageSpeed Insights.


Type: string

URL of the page for which the PageSpeed Insights API should generate results.


Type: Object


Type: string
Default: Free tier

When using this module for a production-level build process, registering for an API key from the Google Developer Console is recommended.


Type: string
Default: mobile
Values: mobile desktop

Strategy to use when analyzing the page.


Type: string
Default: en_US

Locale results should be generated in.


Type: number
Default: 70

Threshold score to pass the PageSpeed test. Useful for setting a performance budget.

psi.output(url, [options])

Output the formatted report to the terminal.

Returns a promise for the response data from Google PageSpeed Insights.

url and options is the same as psi().


$ npm install --global psi
$ psi --help
    $ psi <url>
    --key        Google API Key. By default the free tier is used
    --strategy   Strategy to use when analyzing the page: mobile|desktop
    --format     Output format: cli|json|ta
    --locale     Locale results should be generated in
    --threshold  Threshold score to pass the PageSpeed tes
    --optimized  Get the URL of optimized resources
    --download   Download optimized resources
    $ psi --strategy=mobile

Getting PSI into your build process

A sample Gulp project using PSI is available.

If you use Grunt, grunt-pagespeed is a task by James Cryer that uses PSI under the hood.

For testing local project, we recommend using ngrok.


Apache-2.0 - Copyright 2015 Google Inc