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Simple process monitoring utility


Very simple and uncrashable process monitoring tool

It can be installed with npm.

npm install ps-dock -g


Ps-dock can launch a process very simply, in this way:

ps-dock ls --stdout test.log

Config file can be specified in this way :

ps-dock bash --stdout test.log --config-file /home/config

By default, ps-dock will search for a file name .psdockrc in current home or current directory. To specify an other directory, you can use --config option:

ps-dock bash --stdout test.log --config /home

Here is an example of .psdockrc :


Three types of stdout can be specified :

  • Logfile

    For instance, you can specify a file name test.log to ps-dock. then it handles logrotation : by defaults, log files are rotated every day, but you can tell to ps-dock to rotate logs every second, every minute, every hour, every day, or every week in this way:

      ps-dock bash --stdout test.log --log-rotate hourly
  • TCP Socket A distant socket to which send datas from process. Process input is plugged to this socket...

      ps-dock bash --stdout socket://localhost:666

    Data can be sent on connection to the distant socket in this way:

      ps-dock bash --stdout socket://localhost:666/hello_world
  • TLS Socket

      ps-dock bash --stdout tls://localhost:666

A web hook can be specified as an environment variable:

WEB_HOOK_URL="http://localhost:666/hello_alice?name=boris" ps-dock bash --stdout test.log

Or in config file as specified before. It will send informations about status of process launched by ps-dock to the web hook. Body of datas sent are formatted likethis :

{ps: { status: stat}}

If bind-port is set to true then ps-dock will wait that process open port specified in environment variable to inform Web Hook that process status is up.

export PORT=2000
WEB_HOOK_URL="https://localhost:666/hi?who=world" ps-dock nc -l $PORT --stdout test.log --bind-port true

Sometimes, process emits too many logs. Trying to redirect them all to a file or a socket could slow the process. So, by default, if there is too many logs, they are dropped.

ps-dock bash --drop-unhandled-logs true