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A interactive repl for node, inspired by pry.

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npm install --save pryjs


Throw this beautiful snippet in the middle of your code:

import pry from 'pryjs'
pry = require('pryjs')

You MUST name the variable pry. You are executing an anonymous function, and this assumes the variable is named pry in your scope. This is so it can keep prompting you.

Extra Commands

While you are in the prompt there are a few things you might want to do:

  • help display all the available commands.
  • kill completely stop the script.
  • mode switch between javascript and coffeescript mode. Defaults to javascript.
  • play play lines of code as if you had entered them. Accepts two integers: start and end. End defaults to start.
  • stop will exit the pryjs prompt and continue through the app.
  • version display the current version.
  • whereami will show you exactly where you are in the code. Accepts two integers to replace the default 5 before and 5 after.
  • wtf display the last caught exception.


Examples can be found in the examples directory.