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A interactive repl for node, inspired by pry.

This is a fork of pry.js by blainesch. The work here is highly experimental and not to be trusted.


npm install --save-dev pry


pry = require 'pry'

PRYINPUTCOLOR env variable makes pryjs also color input

Extra Commands

While you are in the prompt there are a few things you might want to do:

  • whereami will show you exactly where you are in the code. Accepts two integers to replace the default 5 before and 5 after.
  • stop will exit the pryjs prompt and continue through the app.
  • kill completely stop the script.
  • wtf display the last caught exception.
  • version display the current version.
  • mode switch between javascript and coffeescript mode. Defaults to javascript.
  • help display all the available commands.
  • play play lines of code as if you had entered them. Accepts two integers: start and end. End defaults to start.


Examples can be found in the examples directory.