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Proxys (Easy Http Proxy)

A easy way to share your PC network to mobile device, and capture network traffic to debug mobile app.

Proxys help developer easy to share their local pc network to mobile device, and supply with a convenient method to debug and capture the http request header information from you mobile.


It's depends on Node, and then just playing like this:

Installing npm (node package manager)

curl | sh

Installing Proxys

npm install -g proxys

Using Proxys



npm start

and then follow the tips below:

1. Plant this pac URL in your auto-proxy config:
2. Edit the ROOT/config.js file to add some proxy rules if you want.
Current Proxys Rules info:
 ==== Skipped Uri below ====
===== Track Logging ... =====

Add the proxy pac file address on your mobile network panel, and once more, enjoy it.

Add skip URL

Edit ROOT/config.js file, add uri to skipUrl array:

module.exports = {
 skipUrl : [ 


  1. "skipUrl" means untrack url list;

  2. The "skipUrl" and "trackUrl" mutexes, if u config both of them, only skipUrl will effect.

Add track URL

Edit ROOT/config.js file, add uri to trackUrl array:

module.exports = {
    trackUrl : [ 

Notice: The uri in trackUrl list will be tracked and print log info.

Add block URL

Edit ROOT/config.js file, add url to blockUrl array:

module.exports = {
    blockUrl : [ 
            target: '',
            dest: '/home/enimo/static/js/abc.js'
            target: '{*}',
            dest: '/home/enimo/static/'


  1. The url will be injected,and return the replaced resource which defined in blockUrl.dest;

  2. Both directory and single file are supported.

Additional info

  1. Not even 80 port, support any 1000+ port.
  2. Unsupport https protocol now.


Especially note for Mac OS X user:

Proxys' suggested partner HTTPScoop (, It's one of your best matches.


I'll keep polishing this app and keep adding new features. If you have any problems when using this engine, please feel free to drop me an issue or contact me: