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Proxy dev server written in node

Proxy dev server

The proxydevserver is highly inspired by KnisterPeters smaller-dev-server. It aims to proxy all requests, intersecting some to serve a fresh set of assets like images, JavaScript or Stylesheets.

Currently it supports the following middelwares:

  • LESS.js
  • Browserify
  # hostname of the proxy
  host: 'localhost'
  # port of the proxy
  port: 3000
  # support live reload
  livereload: true
  # serve static files
  staticDir: './static/'
    # host of the target server
    host: 'localhost'
    # port of the target server
    port: 8181
    # configure less middleware
      # url to intersect
      src: '/app.css'
      # url to rewrite src
      dest: '/entry.css'
      # less middleware opeions
        src: './sourcestyles/'
        dest: './static'
        compress: false
        sourceMap: false
          - './sourceincludes/'
    # configure browserify middleware
      # url to intersect
      src: '/app.js'
      # url to rewrite src
      dest: './static/entry.js'
      # browserify options
        sourceMap: true
          - coffeeify
          - "js/ext/jquery.js#jquery"
          - './sourceincludes/'