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First install node.js. Then:

$ npm install proxy-aca ##Overview


First, we need to define the configuration. Under the config folder, there is a config.json file.

Edit the file to suit your configuration needs:

{ "AcaProxyServerPort" : "9000", "key" : "./certificates/key.pem", "cert" : "./certificates/cert.pem", "viersCert":"viersCert.pem", "infoLog" : "./logs/proxy-aca-info.log", "errorLog" : "./logs/proxy-aca-error.log", "viersHostName" : "localhost", "viersPort" : "8088", "viersEndPoint" : "/MockACAEnrollmentVerificationHttpBinding" }

Running aca proxy

Under the proxy-aca folder, there is a app.js file. Run

$ node app.js