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A tool to quickly test your Protractor selectors from the command line.

When I'm writing Protractor integration tests I spend most of my time finding the right selectors. I don't want to run the integration tests just to test a single selector.

The protractor tester allows you to open a Chrome browser and test your selectors from the command line.


Get the npm package:

npm install protractor-tester


sudo npm install protractor-tester -g

Download and run the Selenium server

The protractor tester requires a Selenium server running at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub

If you need to install and run Selenium just follow these steps:

Get Protractor, it comes with some helper scripts to download and run the Selenium standalone server.

npm install protractor

Download the Selenium server and the chrome driver:


Run the Selenium server with the script that protractor just created:


How to run it

First, make sure you have a Selenium standalone server running on port 4444.

If you get the following error your are not running Selenium:

Unhandled error: Error: ECONNREFUSED connect ECONNREFUSED

The protractor tester will open a chrome browser. Now, from the command line you can test a selector, Go to a URL, or quit:

$ protractor-tester
[?] What action do you want to perform: (Use arrow keys)
  Test selector
❯ Go to url
[?] Enter the URL:
Navigating to
[?] What action do you want to perform: (Use arrow keys)
❯ Test selector
  Go to url
[?] Find element by: (Use arrow keys)
❯ binding
  Go back
[?] Enter selector "protractor.By.binding(<your selector>)": name
Found 11 elements
1 'AngularJS'
2 'Backbone'
3 'Batman'
4 'Cappucino'
5 'Ember'
6 'GWT'
7 'jQuery'
8 'Knockout'
9 'Sammy'
10 'Spine'
11 'SproutCore'
[?] Find element by: (Use arrow keys)
❯ css
  Go back