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protractor pretty html reporter

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npm i protractor-pretty-html-reporter --save-dev

NOTE: jasmine is set as a peer dependency

Basic features

  • Pass/Fail at a glance via navbar highlighting
  • Bolds it('segment') within describe sentence for easy code searching
  • Adds timing in milliseconds for total run time and spec run times
  • Browser console logs for each spec
  • Long running test support, report can be refreshed during test runs (see options)
  • Suspect Line, best guess in the stack trace for your code (see options)
  • Screenshots (see options)

screen shot

More Screenshots

Basic Setup


var PrettyReporter = require('protractor-pretty-html-reporter').Reporter;

var prettyReporter = new PrettyReporter({
    // required, there is no default
    path: path.join(__dirname, 'results'),
    screenshotOnPassed: true

module.exports = {
    /* the rest of the object omitted */
    onPrepare: function() {
    /* if using isSharded option see below */
    beforeLaunch() {

Reporter Options

Name Type Default Description
path String path the report.html will be written to (required)
screenshotOnPassed Boolean false take screenshots for passing tests too.
writeReportEachSpec Boolean true writes the report.html after each spec completes, this is recommended for long running tests
showBrowser Boolean true shows browser icon on the overview
highlightSuspectLine Boolean true highlight the "suspect line" in the dialog
isSharded Boolean false turn on if using { shardOnSpec: true} option in protractor. See above for beforeLaunch hook that is needed as well.

More Screenshots

Highlight the suspect line in your stacktrace

screen shot

Show a screen shot of the error page

screen shot

Show console logs

screen shot

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npm i protractor-pretty-html-reporter

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