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    Well, what is it?

    A micro utility for obtaining string paths to object properties, i.e. get string '' to represent nested latitude property of an interface:

    interface SomeInterface {
      address: {
        geo: {
          lat: string;

    What's the use case?

    You have a large form based on a humongous interface that has deep nesting and you want to avoid shooting your feet by setting form inputs as plain strings. Originally I came up with this solution to use it for input names in react-hook-form, but it basically can be used anywhere where a string representing a path to object's property is required, i.e. can as well use it with Angular's FormGroup.get method to get a deeply nested control.


    npm i property-string-path


    Let's suppose we have an interface representing a user:

    // user.model.ts
    export interface User {
      id: number;
      name: string;
      username: string;
      email: string;
      address: Address;
      phone: string;
      website: string;
      company: Company;
    export interface Address {
      street: string;
      suite: string;
      city: string;
      zipcode: string;
      geo: Geo;
    export interface Geo {
      lat: string;
      lng: string;
    export interface Company {
      name: string;
      catchPhrase: string;
      bs: string;

    Import the factory for creating generating the lookup function, and obsiously the interface you will be basing your form on.

    import { propertyStringPathFactory } from 'property-string-path';
    import { User } from './user.model';
    // Generate helper for type you are using, i.e. a User interface
    const userFields = propertyStringPathFactory<User>();

    Now instead of writing plain strings like 'address.geo' you can use the lookup function powered by intellisense: Intellisense

    More examples

    Using with Angular Reactive Forms
    Using with React Hook Form


    npm i property-string-path

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