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A sync prompt for node. very simple. no C++ bindings and no bash scripts.

Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.


var prompt = require('prompt-sync')();
// get input from the user.
var n = prompt('How many more times? ');


History is an optional extra, to use simply install the history plugin.

npm install --save prompt-sync-history
var prompt = require('prompt-sync')({
  history: require('prompt-sync-history')() //open history file
//get some user input
var input = prompt() //save history back to file

See the prompt-sync-history module for options, or fork it for customized behaviour.


require('prompt-sync')(config) => prompt

Returns an instance of the prompt function. Takes config option with the following possible properties

sigint: Default is false. A ^C may be pressed during the input process to abort the text entry. If sigint it false, prompt returns null. If sigint is true the ^C will be handled in the traditional way: as a SIGINT signal causing process to exit with code 130.

eot: Default is false. A ^D pressed as the first character of an input line causes prompt-sync to echo exit and exit the process with code 0.

autocomplete: A completer function that will be called when user enters TAB to allow for autocomplete. It takes a string as an argument an returns an array of strings that are possible matches for completion. An empty array is returned if there are no matches.

history: Takes an object that supplies a "history interface", see prompt-sync-history for an example.

prompt(ask, value, opts)

ask is the label of the prompt, value is the default value in absence of a response.

The opts argument can also be in the first or second parameter position.

Opts can have the following properties

echo: Default is '*'. If set the password will be masked with the specified character. For hidden input, set echo to '' (or use prompt.hide).

autocomplete: Overrides the instance autocomplete function to allow for custom autocompletion of a particular prompt.

value: Same as the value parameter, the default value for the prompt. If opts is in the third position, this property will not overwrite the value parameter.

ask: Sames as the value parameter. The prompt label. If opts is not in the first position, the ask parameter will not be overridden by this property.


Convenience method for creating a standard hidden password prompt, this is the same as prompt(ask, {echo: ''})


Line editing is enabled in the non-hidden mode. (use up/down arrows for history and backspace and left/right arrows for editing)

History is not set when using hidden mode.


  console.log(require('prompt-sync')()('tell me something about yourself: '))
  var prompt = require('prompt-sync')({
    history: require('prompt-sync-history')(),
    autocomplete: complete(['hello1234', 'he', 'hello', 'hello12', 'hello123456']),
    sigint: false
  var value = 'frank';
  var name = prompt('enter name: ', value);
  console.log('enter echo * password');
  var pw = prompt({echo: '*'});
  var pwb = prompt('enter hidden password (or don\'t): ', {echo: '', value: '*pwb default*'})
  var pwc = prompt.hide('enter another hidden password: ')
  var autocompleteTest = prompt('custom autocomplete: ', {
    autocomplete: complete(['bye1234', 'by', 'bye12', 'bye123456'])
  console.log('\nName: %s\nPassword *: %s\nHidden password: %s\nAnother Hidden password: %s', name, pw, pwb, pwc);
  console.log('autocomplete2: ', autocompleteTest);
  function complete(commands) {
    return function (str) {
      var i;
      var ret = [];
      for (i=0; i< commands.length; i++) {
        if (commands[i].indexOf(str) == 0)
      return ret;

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