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Utilities for making promises return errors instead of throwing them... and just like disarming actual bombs THIS IS POTENTIALLY UNSAFE, BE WARNED. Make sure you actually handle the errors somehow.

If the provided promise does not reject, it will just resolve as usual. If anything other than a promise is provided, it will return a promise that resolve to whatever was provided.

Usage example

import { disarm, disarmAll } from 'promise-disarm';

const promise = new Promise(_, reject) => reject(new Error())

// for a single promise...
disarm(promise).then(result => {
  // a "cold" error, not thrown. Make sure you handle it.
  console.log(result instanceof Error); // true

// for an array of promises... just like Promise.all
// except it does not fail after a single promise rejects
// NOTE: this function itself may throw if argument is not an array
disarmAll([promise, promise]).then(result => {
  // an array of either values or errors
  console.log(result.every(item => item instanceof Error));

Development scripts

  • build: transpiles and minifies all code in ./src into ./lib using babel;
  • lint: lints code in ./src using eslint;
  • precommit: (automatic) runs linter before every commit;
  • prepublish: (automatic) runs tests before attempting to publish the package;
  • test: runs tests in __tests__ using jest.

Note: scripts assume you use yarn, because you should ;)

Forked from vspedr/jables

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