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Project Templify

Generate project files based on templates.


  • Node.js (version 16 or higher)


npm i -g project-templify


You can see an example of the configuration file here.

  1. Open the .templify.json file located in the project's root directory.
  2. Modify the configuration according to your needs. The file structure should be as follows:
  "commands": [
      "name": "<COMMAND_NAME>",
      "path": "<COMMAND_PATH>",
      "description": "<COMMAND_DESCRIPTION>",
      "params": [
          "name": "<PARAM_NAME>",
          "type": "<PARAM_TYPE>",
          "required": true | false
      "files": [
          "name": "<FILE_NAME>",
          "template": "<FILE_TEMPLATE>",
          "folder": "<FILE_FOLDER-OPTIONAL>"
  • <COMMAND_NAME>: The name of the command.
  • <COMMAND_PATH>: The path where the command will be executed.
  • <COMMAND_DESCRIPTION>: The description of the command.
  • <PARAM_NAME>: The name of the command parameter.
  • <PARAM_TYPE>: The type of the command parameter.
  • <true/false>: Specify whether the parameter is required (true) or optional (false).
  • <FILE_NAME>: The name of the file to be created.
  • <FILE_TEMPLATE>: The template content of the file. All file templates should be saved in the .templify folder.
  • <FILE_FOLDER-OPTIONAL>: The folder where the file will be created. If not specified, the file will be created in the command path.

Save your template files

  1. Create a folder named .templify in the project's root directory.
  2. Save your template files in the .templify folder.


To use the project, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt.
  2. Navigate to the project directory.
  3. Run the following command:
  • <COMMAND_NAME>: The name of the command you want to execute.
  • <PARAM_VALUE_1> <PARAM_VALUE_2> ...: The values of the command parameters specified in the configuration file.

Additional Notes

  • If the specified command path already exists, the system will prompt you to confirm whether you want to continue or abort the operation.
  • The project uses Handlebars as a template engine to process the file templates. You can use the following helpers within your templates:
    • uppercase: Converts a string to uppercase.
    • lowercase: Converts a string to lowercase.
    • capitalize: Capitalizes the first letter of a string.

That's it! You now have the documentation for using your project. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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