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Original textures designed for voxel games, freely released for any use.




While the textures can be used standalone or for other purposes, a Node.js script is included to bundle up a Minecraft resource pack and/or texture pack archive. See the tagged releases for all generated packs. ResourcePacks are for MC 1.7+, 1.6, TexturePacks for MC 1.5, and StitchPacks for MC 1.4.

Available on NPM for easily using with voxeljs, example:

var texturePath = require('programmerart-textures')('');
var createGame = require('voxel-engine');

var game = createGame({
    texturePath: texturePath,
    materials: [
        ['blocks/grass_top', 'blocks/dirt', 'blocks/grass_side'],

ProgrammerArt also has a thread on Minecraft Forums.


Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication