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A script that makes profiling node.js apps easier.


A script that makes profiling node.js apps a little easier. Compatible with node v0.6.x

Via npm:

$ npm install profile

> nodeprofile yourapp.js

> nodeprofile yourapp.js -o=profile.txt

This is useful if you want to profile certain areas of your code using bnoordhuis/node-profiler:

> nodeprofile yourapp.js --prof_lazy

  • python
  • SCONS (used to build the V8 debugger on first use)
  • That the locate command can find a copy of linux-tick-processor (or mac-tick-processor on OS X). This is bundled with node.js.
$ cd /usr/src/node
$ cd deps/v8
$ scons prof=on
$ export PATH="${PATH}:/usr/src/node/deps/v8"