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use the commandLine with node

Get the OS X version of the current system. Example: 10.9.3

Get the NODE version of the current system. Example: v0.10.28

Install npm dependencies

$ npm install

mocha Test

$ npm test
or just type mocha anywhere
$ mocha
var assert = require('assert');
it('should return the current node version', function (cb) {
    require('./node.js')(function (err, version) {
        console.log('NODE:', version);
        assert(!err, err);
        assert(version.length > 0);
it('should return the current OSX version', function (cb) {
    require('./osx.js')(function (err, version) {
        console.log('OSX:', version);
        assert(!err, err);
        assert(version.length > 0);

CommandLine install --global

$ npm install -g product-version

just use the command: product-version

$ product-version --help
  $ product-version