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    light-weight command line arguments parser for cli application


    npm install process.args --save-dev


    var args = require('process.args')([find,alias]);
    1. get all commands in command line
    // script.js
    var args = require('process.args')();

    Then run in CLI:

    node script.js -v add --name=new_component --template=./templates/default.tpl

    Then you will get:

        node: {},
        'script.js': {
            v: true
        add: {
            name: 'new_component',
            template: './templates/default.tpl'
    1. get a command's parameters by command name
    var args = require('process.args')('add');

    Run the same command, and you will get:

        name: 'new_component',
        template: './templates/default.tpl'
    1. set alias

    The second parameter is alias which calls full name for shortname. e.g.

    var args = require('process.args')({
        v: 'version',
        g: 'global'

    Then you run:

    your -v=1.2.3 -g

    args will be:

        your: {
            version: 1.2.3,
            global: true

    The result dosen't have v but has version.

    Well, if you give a object for the first param, it will be used as alias not find. find is only used with string.

    alias will only work on - params. alias of --bmk will not work.

    Why this CLI appearance?

    I have seen many kinds of cli parameters appearance, like:

    (npm install) bower
    -name my_name
    --name my_name

    A command line in my mind always follow the model:

    {basic command [-options]} {action [-options] [--params]*}+ {---global_options_or_params}*
    # + means repeat once or more
    # * means repeat none or more

    For example:

    node -v
    npm run test -h --cwd=~/dev/project
    gulp add --name=my_plugin build --name=my_plugin
    gulp add build preview ---name=my_plugin2

    This is the reason why I use this appearance.

    In process.args:

    • - short alias: e.g. -v -h -g
    • -- key=value pairs: e.g. --name="Nick" --host=""
    • --- super param: e.g. ---v means all before this command will be set -v, ---name="Park" means all before this will be set --name="Park"
    gulp build --path="./js" preview -b ---without-feedback go --link="http://www.google.com"

    Let's look at ---without-feedback. This means, build and preview task will both be set without-feedback, go will not be set bcause of position behind.

    If you set a key twice, the value will be a array.

    gulp build --path="./js" --path="./css"

    Then path will be a array.


    • only [a-zA-Z0-9] and _ could be used for parameter key name.
    • the first letter of key name should be character.
    • no blank could be use in value, you can use quota for more than one word, for example: --place="Shenzhen China"
    • without - at the beginning of a word, it will be considered as a task or command, not a parameter.
    • more than three - at the beginning of a word makes this part no use doing nothing, for example: ----link="http://github.com", this will be abandoned.


    npm i process.args

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