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drbd.js is a nodejs tool to extract metrics from drbd using /proc/drbd as its source. The metrics are returned to STDOUT and can then be sent on to grahpite. Originally this is designed for use with sensu.


A config file is required called config.json, this contains a list of the drbd devices you want to monitor and recieve stats about. You also need a working nodejs setup with the following node modules added:

  • async
  • node-getopt

Example Config

{ "drbdconfig": { "disks": "drbd0, drbd1" } }

To use drbd.js

drbd.js takes the following arguments:

  • '-s' - This is optional and set the output base name for the metrics,
  • '-m' - Is if you want the metrics output,
  • '-c' - This sets the name and path of the config file and is required unless the config file is in the calling directory,