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Prisma cache middleware

Prisma is one of the greatest ORMs for Node.js with lot of features, with this middleware you can cache your database queries into the Redis (one of the fastest in-memory databases for caching) and reduce your database queries. You need to have pre-installed redis server in order to work with this module.


npm i prisma-cache-middleware

Basic Example

import { PrismaClient } from '@prisma/client'
import prismaCacheMiddleware from 'prisma-cache-middleware';

const prisma = new PrismaClient();

    redisOptions: {                    
        host: 'localhost',             
        port: 6379                     
    instances: [{                      
        model: 'Users',                
        action: 'findFirst',           
        ttl: 20,                       
        keyPrefix: 'myCache'             
        model: 'Users',
        action: 'findMany',

export default prisma;

Prisma cache middleware options

Option Description
redisOptions This is your redis server configuration (same as ioredis options)
instances Cache instances and the way you want to cache them

If you pass {} to redisOptions it will connect to your local running redis server with default port. otherwise you can specified your server settings, for example {host: '', port: 6379}.


Option Description Optional Example
model The Prisma database model name you define in your schema.prisma false Users
action Query action name you want to cache for this model. false findFirst
ttl The TTL or expire time of the cache in seconds true 10
keyPrefix Key prefix for caches of this instance true myCache

You can defind cache instances as much as you want and pass array of instances to instances option.

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