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    Print Html Block


    1. Install plugin
    npm install print-html-block
    1. Create html tags
    <section id="section1">Print Me!</section>
    <section id="section2">Don't print me.</section>
    <button onclick="print()">Print</button>
    1. Import plugin in your .js file
    import printHtmlBlock from 'print-html-block';
    function print() {
      const selector = '#section1';
      const options = {
        importStyle: true
      printHtmlBlock(selector, options);
    1. Finish. Click by "Print" button

    Default options

    Name Defailt Description
    debug false show the iframe for debugging
    importCSS true import parent page css
    importStyle false import style tags
    printContainer true print outer container/$.selector
    loadCSS '' path to additional css file - use an array [] for multiple
    pageTitle '' add title to print page
    removeInline false remove inline styles from print elements
    removeInlineSelector '*' custom selectors to filter inline styles. removeInline must be true
    printDelay 333 variable print delay
    header null prefix to html
    footer null postfix to html
    base false preserve the BASE tag or accept a string for the URL
    formValues true preserve input/form values
    canvas false copy canvas content
    doctypeString '' enter a different doctype for older markup
    removeScripts false remove script tags from print content
    copyTagClasses false copy classes from the html & body tag
    beforePrintEvent null callback function for printEvent in iframe
    beforePrint null function called before iframe is filled
    afterPrint null function called before iframe is removed


    npm i print-html-block

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