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is a slow recursive function to check if a number is prime

KLP js-standard-style

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As you might expect, you can do

var isPrime = require('prime-number')
console.log(isPrime(19)) // true

There is a list of few primes available, if you want to use it

var primeNumberList = require('prime-number/list')

You can benchmark other primality check algorithms.

var isPrime = require('yet-another-primality-check')
var benchmark = require('prime-number/benchmark')
var from = 1000
var to = Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER
benchmark(isPrime)(from, to)

Here there are the results, using a oneliner, of few primality check packages found on npm, so I can state that

My algorithm sucks! 🐸

# node -e "require('prime-number/benchmark')(require('is-prime'))(100000, 10000000)"
Found 654987 primes
primality benchmark: 2507ms
# node -e "require('prime-number/benchmark')(require('check-prime'))(100000, 10000000)"
Found 654987 primes
primality benchmark: 12483ms
# node -e "require('prime-number/benchmark')(require('prime-number'))(100000, 10000000)"
Found 654987 primes
primality benchmark: 121759ms


With npm do

$ npm install prime-number

Or copy and paste the code below.


First of all, do not check if n is an integer or positive or less than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER. You can do it with some other function before calling primeNumber.

The algorithm is really basic:

  • I Is it 1 a prime? Some years ago I composed a djembe rhythm based on prime numbers, and it sounds better if 1 is considered prime. Casually, also the algorithm implemented here computes 1 as a prime.

  • II Number 2 is a special case. Check if given number is even, excluding 2 itself.

  • III If it is not even, loop over odd numbers that are less than its square root. Start from 3.

  • IV If such odd is a prime (here the function is called recursively) check if it is a divisor of the given number.


    • Check if a number is prime
    • @param {Number} n
    • @returns {Boolean} isPrime */

    function primeNumber (n) { if (n === 2) return true // 2 is a special case

    if (n % 2 === 0) return false
    for (var i = 3; i <= Math.sqrt(n); i = i + 2) {
      if (!primeNumber(i)) continue // <-- recursion here
      if (n % i === 0) return false
    return true


Export primeNumber function

module.exports = primeNumber