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Automagically transform a markdown file into a slideshow.


$ (sudo) npm install -g prezdown


Create a Markdown file.

To create multiple slides, put an horizontal line (using at least 3 dash signs). The horizontal line must be on its own line, with an empty line before and after.


Page 1
This will be the first page
Page 2
This will be the second page

Run the script

$ prezdown

Get the output

The resulting html file and the required assets will be placed in the output directory.


--change [mode]

Set how slides should change (auto, keyboard, both).
By default, or if the mode is set to something other than `auto` or `keyboard`, both methods are used.


Do not compile, just remove the output directory.
Clean is always performed before a build.

--theme [name]

Choose the theme. A theme is simply a CSS file inside the themes directory.
The file name must be in the format <name>.min.css

--timeout [ms]

Set the number of milliseconds to wait before slide changes.
By default, the value is 5000ms (5s).

--title [title]

Choose the title of the slideshow. This is used in the <title> of the output


You can add images or other files in the assets directory. The directory must be in the same folder as the markdown file. Place the files in assets, without further subdirectories.

All the files in the assets directory will be copied into the output folder when building.


The final HTML page will use the following libraries: