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Helper utility to provide pretty printed file sizes (best used for logging or CLI output)

Note: as of version 1.x this module is now using some ES6+ features, if you are using this in a browser you need to transform your code so that this doesn't break.

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npm install prettysize
const pretty = require('prettysize');
let str = pretty(1024);
  //str = "1 kB"
    str = pretty(1024 * 1024);
  //str = "1 MB"
    str = pretty(123456789);
  //str = "117.7 MB"

It supports the following sizes:

  • bytes
  • kB
  • MB
  • GB
  • TB
  • PB
  • EB


pretty(123456, true, true, 2);
First arg is size
Second argument is to remove the space from the output
Third argument is to use a single character for the size.
Forth argument is the number of decimal places to return, default is 1. 
let str = pretty(1024 * 1024, true);
  //str = "1MB"
    str = pretty(123456789, {nospace: true}) // pretty(123456789, true, true);
  //str = "117.7M"
    str = pretty(123456789, {one: true}) // pretty(123456789, false, true);
  //str = "117.7 M"
    str = pretty(123456789, {one: true, places: 2}) // pretty(123456789, false, true, 2);
  //str = "117.74 M"
   str = pretty(123456789, {one: true, places: 3}) // pretty(123456789, false, true, 3);
 //str = "117.738 M"