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A node module that provides a REST client library for the PressGang CCMS. It provides a more semantic interface for application development than the raw PressGang REST interface. Uses restler for the REST interface.


npm install pressgang-rest

Basic Usage v.0.1.0 and up

var pressgang = require('pressgang-rest);

Get a topic:

pressgang.getTopic('', 4324, {revision: 2343, expand: tags}, 
    function (err, topic) {
        if (err) return console.log(err);
        console.log('Got Topic %s at revision %s',, topic.revision);
        console.log('XML is %s', topic.xml);

revision and expand are optional. expand can take any of the root expandable entities, which include:


Get a Content Spec:

pressgang.getSpec('', 7069, function (err, spec) {
    if (err) return console.log(err);
    console.log('Got Spec ID %s at revision %s',, spec.revision);
    console.log('The spec contents: %s', spec.content);
    console.log('The spec metadata: %s', JSON.stringify(spec.metadata));

Basic Usage v.0.0.13 and below

First, require pressgang-rest:

var PressGangCCMS = require('pressgang-rest').PressGangCCMS;

Next, create a new PressGangCCMS object:

var pressgang = new PressGangCCMS('');

Now, you can get the XML of a topic:

pressgang.getTopicData('xml', 8445, 
    function(err, result){
        console.log('The topic xml content is:' + result);

To get the JSON representation of a topic:

pressgang.getTopicData('json', 8445, 
    function(err, result){
        console.log('The JSON representation of the topic is:' 
        + JSON.stringify(result);

To get a specific revision of a topic:

pressgang.getTopicData('json', 8445, 10405, 
    function(err, result){
        console.log('The XML of revision 10405 is:' 
        + result.xml;

isContentSpec will return true if an ID is a Content Specification:

    function(err, is){
        if (is) console.log('Topic 456 is a Content Specification')

getContentSpec returns a Content Spec object, which has the plain text content of the Content Spec, and a metadata record.

    function(err, result){
        console.log(result.spec); // Plain-text of the spec 
        console.log(result.metadata); // All the spec metadata in an object 

You can change the logging level of the PressGangCCMS Object to get details for debugging. The loglevel defaults to 0. Higher levels produce more trace output on the console:

pressgang.loglevel = 2;

You can also do quick and dirty topic operations, like this:

getTopic returns a JSON representation of a topic.

PressGangCCMS.getTopic('http://localhost:8080', 3445, function(topic) { console.log(topic); });

getTopic takes an optional revision parameter between the topic ID and the callback. Here 3445 is the topic id, and 23433 is the revision:

PressGangCCMS.getTopic('http://localhost:8080', 3445, 23433, function(topic) { console.log(topic); });

Source Code

The source is hosted on github at

Up to 0.0.13 it was written using Microsoft TypeScript, and compiled to JavaScript using the node typescript module. There is a TypeScript declaration file in the module.

From 0.1.0 I made it straight-forward JavaScript. Tests have not been updated yet.