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Parse the /^host\s*:\s*(\S+)/i out of an HTTP stream and report back as soon as possible. This is useful if you're writing something like a load balancer or http host router.


var prehost = require('../');
prehost(function (err, req) {
    if (err) console.error('Error: ' + err)
    else console.log('Host: ' +

Connect to the server and you'll see 'Host: ...' values get printed when you try to visit the service on port 8000 with curl or a browser.


var prehost = require('prehost');

prehost(..., cb)

Create a new network server with the arguments in ... and try to parse HTTP headers.

If there is an error, err will be set in cb(err, req).

req is an object with the keys:

  • stream - the stream object from the request
  • host - a string with the hostname, if any was detected
  • buffers - an array of the buffers received so far

prehost() returns the server object.


After parsing the host, the parser stops looking at data.

This behavior will break for Connection: keep-alive or multipart requests.


With npm do:

npm install prehost