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Yet another precommit module that will run tasks defined in a config file or in a package.json file, stashing anything that is not supposed to be commited before run the scripts to avoid false positives when running validation like tasks.


All the other modules similar to this one were specifying the precommit tasks in the package.json file. While this is ok I needed to have it defined in a separated config file. Also I needed to have the option to interactively ask the user to decide what to do in case a commit was attempted with a dirty state (unstaged/untracked files)


# install it as a dev-dependency. 
npm i --save-dev precommit
# install the hook, passing the path to the config. If none is provided it will try to use the `package.json` 
./node_modules/precommit/bin/cli.js install -c ./path/to/your/config

Using a custom precommit.json

  "precommit" : [ "npm test" ]

or in your package.json file

  "precommit" : [ "grunt precommit" ]

or as an object in a custom.json file or in package.json add the following section

  "precommit" : {
    // the tasks to run
    "tasks" : [ "grunt precommit" ],
    // What to do in case of a dirty state
    // ask   => Show a prompt to the user to decide what to do, stash or fail.
    // fail  => Simply refuse to push something when you have uncommited/untracked files
    // stash => If there are uncommited/untracked files stash them, do the push and restore the stash
    //          This will also move untracked files into the stash
    "onDirtyState": "ask", // <== ask, fail or stash. Default to stash
    "coloredOutput" : true // <== true or false. If ommited it will try to use the env variable `__CLIX_COLORED_OUTPUT__` (from `clix` module)

Important Be aware that if you cancel the program using CTRL+C then the stash might not be restored. So you will have to restore it manually. TODO: trap the SIGINT event and restore the stash transparently for the user.

cli usage

The following are the options available on the cli command that install/remove the hook. To pass options to the hook. Please use the precommit section on your config file or in the package.json file.

Yet another `precommit` module that will run tasks defined in a config file or in a package.json file, stashing anything that is not supposed to be pushed before run the scripts to avoid false positives!

Usage: precommit -c [path/to/config/file] [install|remove]

  -h, --help           Show this help
  -v, --version        Outputs the version number
  -q, --quiet          Show only the summary info - default: false
  --colored-output     Use colored output in logs
  -c, --config String  Path to your `precommit` config, if not provided will try to use the `package.json` file in your
                       current working directory, expecting an entry called `precommit`

Note: The colored-output in the cli is only for logs during installing/removing the hook.

If you want to enable the colored logs in the actual precommit hook, please include the option coloredOutput in your precommit section. Like this:

  "precommit": {
    // the tasks to run
    "tasks": [ "grunt precommit" ],
    "onDirtyState": "ask",
    "coloredOutput": true // or false

The hook also honor the clix env variable to enable colored output __CLIX_COLORED_OUTPUT__ so if you set this variable in your environment you don't need to configure it in the precommit section.


# install the hook and use the package.json precommit field 
./node_modules/precommit/bin/cli.js install
# install the hook using a custom precommit.json file 
./node_modules/precommit/bin/cli.js install -c ./path/to/precommit.json
# remove the hook 
./node_modules/precommit/bin/cli.js remove

Usage in npm scripts

// in the scripts field
  "scripts": {
    "hook-install": "precommit install",
    "hook-remove": "precommit remove",
    "precommit" : "eslinter 'src/**/*.js'" // put here any script you want to run
  "precommit" : {
    "tasks" : ["npm run precommit"]

then in the command line you can do:

# install 
npm run hook-install
# remove 
npm run hook-remove






npm i precommit

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