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Seed CouchDB design documents with PouchDB.

Build status

Build Status


npm install pouchdb-seed-design


var PouchDB = require('pouchdb');
var pouchSeed = require('pouchdb-seed-design');
var db = new PouchDB('http://localhost:5984/design');
var ddoc = {
 person: {
   views: {
     byFirstName: function (doc) {
     byLastName: function (doc) {
     byFullName: function (doc) {
       emit(doc.firstName + ' ' + doc.lastName);
var promise = pouchSeed(db, ddoc).then(function(updated) {
  if(updated) {
    console.log('DDocs updated!');
  } else {
    console.log('No update was necessary');


pouchSeed(db, design, cb)

  • db (object, required) - PouchDB (or compatible) database object
  • design (object, required) - design object
  • cb (function, optional) - callback

Creates a set of CouchDB design documents basing on design object. Each key in design object becomes a separate design document called ('_design/' + key).

If no changes between remote design documents and design object are detected, no updates are sent to CouchDB.

Seed will return a Promise that fulfills with false if no updates were necessary, or the result of the bulkDocs operation if changes were pushed. (You will need a Promise shim if you are using an older browser or version of Node.)

The browser version will export window.pouchSeed.


(0.3.0) 2016-05-08

You can now use docs with absolutely any JSON schema. All functions in the tree are converted to strings. This will future proof pouchdb-seed-design as the design doc standards evolve. Added browser support.

(0.2.0) 2015-09-16

Added support for filters, lists, shows, and validate_doc_update thanks to Will Holley.


This project is forked from couchdb-seed-design by Maciej Małecki.

A huge round of applause goes to Dale Harvey, Calvin Metcalf, and Nolan Lawson for all the tireless work they put into maintaining PouchDB!

And a special thanks goes to Mirco Zeiss for all the awesome blog articles on how to use Node.js, Express, and CouchDB!