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PouchDB.debug() API as a standalone module. Provides direct access to debug which can be used for debugging PouchDB's internal operations.

This module is currently part of PouchDB core; you don't need to do anything to use it. However, in PouchDB v7.0.0 the debug() API will be moved to a separate plugin.


npm install pouchdb-debug

Then attach it to PouchDB:

var pouchdbDebug = require('pouchdb-debug');

To enable debug mode, just call:


Then look in your browser console.

In Node.js, you can also set a command-line flag:

DEBUG=pouchdb:* node myscript.js

You can also enable debugging of specific modules. Currently we only have pouchb:api (API-level calls) and pouchdb:http (HTTP requests):

PouchDB.debug.enable('pouchdb:api'); // or

These settings are saved to the browser's LocalStorage. So to disable them, you must call:


Your users won't see debug output unless you explicitly call PouchDB.debug.enable() within your application code.

For full API documentation and guides on PouchDB, see For details on PouchDB sub-packages, see the Custom Builds documentation.


PouchDB and its sub-packages are distributed as a monorepo.

For a full list of packages, see the GitHub source.