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PouchDB simplified by TypeScript Decorators

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npm install pouchdb pouchable --save

Include the followings in your project

import * as PouchDB from 'pouchdb';
import { Entity, EntityField, Collection } from 'pouchable'

Declare your Entity

 * Posts 
class Post extends Entity {
        group: "default",
        name: "title",   
        mandatory: true,
        search_by: [ _.identity ] // need lodash
    title: string;
        group: "info",
        name: "author"
    author: string;
        group: "info",
        name: "content",
        validate: (v) => { return v.length < 140 } 
    content: string;

Declare your collection:

class Posts extends Collection<Post> {
    public getPrefix(): string {
        return "posts";

Pouchable and PouchDB at your service:

let db = new PouchDB("default");
let posts = new Posts(db, Post);
posts.insert({ title: "Pouchable is here!!!", author: "Joe"}).then((p) => {
   if (p.title != "Pouchable is here!!!") {
       throw new Error("not really hapenning...");
}).catch(() => {});

See it in action, our team example:

In this example, you will see a live, up-to-date code that is using pouchable and shows real usecases.

What API is available?

 posts.insert({ title: "Pouchable is here!!!", author: "Joe"}).then().catch(); 
 users.update(u, { street : "23 e 47th, New York, NY"} ).then().catch(); 
 users.find("title", "search title", { startsWith : true });

How Pouchable works under the hood?

Image of Entity

Contributing to Pouchable

Contribution by pull requetsts is more than welcome, feel free to contact us

npm install
npm test

Topics to enhance

  • Change build to gulp
  • A simple web-site that will gather community around us
  • Schema documentation generation - see POC at
  • Search keys with multiple properties
  • Default value
  • Error handling when partial update happens