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BlobStore compatible

This module is a PostgreSQL implementation of abstract-blob-store and passes its tests.

Right now it doesn't use bytea, but is saving the binary files in text format as base64 Strings.

It is very experimental, since I have no clue about PostgresSQL. Your can install it with npm install postgres-blob-store.


Right now the usage looks like this, however if possible I would like to get rid of the callback structure in the beginning.

var blob = require('postgres-blob-store')
var fs = require('fs')
var url = 'postgresql://localhost:5432/blob'
var store = blob({url: url})
var file = fs.createReadStream('./index.js')
var save = store.createWriteStream(function (err, metadata) {
  console.log('saved ' + metadata.key)
  var readStream = store.createReadStream(metadata)