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PostCSS Build

A postcss cli build tool. Useful if you use npm as a build tool. As opposed to postcss-cli, PostCSS build can scan an entire directory and subdirectory for files as well as process files in sequence.


PostCSS Build takes a number of source files and passes them through PostCSS and outputs a single file.

$ npm install -g postcss-build --save-dev
$ postcssbuild --src main.css --output main.min.css --plugins [ "autoprefixer", "cssnano" ]

CLI options

-c or --config
Configuration file in JSON or CommonJS.

-d or --dir
Source directory as string or directories as array. This is recursive.

-e or --ext When in dir mode, will only process file extensions specified. Defaults to ".css".

-h or --help
Displays help text .

-n or --notify
Show os notifications.

-o or --output
Path to output file.

-p or --plugins
Array of postcss plugins names.

-s or --src
Path to a single source file or a list of arrays and strings with source file paths, where they will be processed in sequence. --src overrules --dir.

-t or --options
Plugin options.

-w or --watch Recursively watch a directory for changes.


Instead of passing arguments via the cli they can be placed inside a JSON config file.

CLI arguments overrule config.


module.exports = {
    "notify" : true,
    "ext": ".css",
    "watch" : "example/src/",
    "src": [
    "output": "example/css/main.min.css",
    "plugins": [
    // "cssnano"
    "options": {
        "autoprefixer": {
            "browsers": ["> 1%", "IE 7"],
            "cascade": false
        "cssnano": { "safe": true }


npm start

Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

  "version": "1.1.0"


  1. MAJOR: Breaking changes.
  2. MINOR: New features.
  3. PATCH: Bug fixes.