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A JavaScript WebWorker & postMessage library that connects UI elements, Web Workers, & Cross-Site Windows


npm install -save postalworker

npm Commands:

npm run build - Runs rollup.js to combine all the modules and dependencies and output the primary library script PostalWorker.js
npm run build-worker - Builds the worker libraries (SharedWorker and WebWorker scripts are run separately from main library)
npm run test - Run unit tests
npm run coverage - Generate code coverage report
npm run doc - Generate documentation
npm run demos - Generate demo pages
npm run relase - Build, generate, run unit tests (basicaly - DO EVERYTHING)

Usage examples

import PostalWorker from "postalworker-es";

// In one window:
PostalWorker().on("example", msg => {;

// In another window:
PostalWorker().fire("example", "This is an example");

// In the above, the first window will print the message passed on message class "example" into the window.console: "This is an example"

// To cross launch a new window with the ability to send messages (even if the new window is not on the same host/domain)
  function (msg) {;
  "http://myurl", // This is where you specify the url you want to open to (it must have a copy of PostalWorker hosted too)
  "MyURL", // This is where you name the new window if you want to interact with it directly with Javascript - limited by cross origin rules of course)
  false // The last argument is optional and it includes more specific window parameters like width, height, etc...

// Then to send it a message:
PostalWorker().crossFire("crossExample", "This is a message for my url window");

// In the above 2 commands, a window will be opened by the primary window, which will point to the url provided in argument 3
// And the second command will publish the message to the message class "crossExample" which window 2 will invoke the callback in argument 2 of crossOn


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