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experimental poset module


experimental poset module

Poset is an abstraction that fits neatly over trees, lists, and sets.

The goal for this module is to create a simple API that can be used to mainpulate all of the above.

included so far, is ./fs.js and ./object.js which adapt this module for operating on fs trees, and js objects.

There are many other possibilities, such as HTMLElements, git commits, and many others.

thanks to @jez0990 for introducing me to posets!

return a subposet of the poset that matches a property

example: tree of directories

poset(fs).filter(function (e) {return e.isDirectory()})

tree of objects

poset(obj).filter(function (e) {return e && 'object' === typeof e})

poset(fs).topological(function (item) {...})

poset(fs).depthFirst(function (item) {...})

poset(fs).widthFirst(function (item) {...})

poset(fs).ancestors(function (item) {...})

poset(fs).roots(function (item) {...}) item1.decendentOf(item2) item1.ancestorOf(item2)