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Popup JS

This is the client-side JS library for billing customers with Paystack. It makes it easy to accept payments from a web application and to create custom, secure payment experiences for merchant apps and websites.


Popup: As mentioned earlier, Paystack has created a great checkout experience for customers to pay our merchants with https://checkout.paystack.com. This library allows anyone load this checkout form in an iFrame from any web application. Configurable with a public key, this is the easiest way for merchants on Paystack to collect payments. Read Popup Documentation


This folder contains the code for Paystack Popup.

Clone this repository

git clone git@github.com:PaystackHQ/paystack-js.git

Navigate to the v2 directory then install dependencies with:

cd v2 && npm install


The code for core Paystack JS is in the v2/src/core folder, while the code for Popup is in the v2/src/popup folder. Testing is done with Jest. To test your changes, run

npm test


Paystack JS is built with Rollup. To build, run the command

npm run build

You can also specify an environment to build for: dev, staging, or production. Configuration variables are set in v2/src/config.js.

Visual Testing for Popup

To test Popup visually, run the command

npm run dev:popup


Paystack JS is deployed to three environments:

Continuous Integration is set up with Circle CI, and any push to master branch will attempt to update the npm module paystack-js

Automated deployment is done with Deploybot. We generate two build files (v2/popup.js and v2/paystack.js) for every push to master or dev. Pushes to the dev branch will deploy to the staging environment while master deploys to the production environment

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