mutate constructors into a poolable form


turn a javascript constructor into a pooled resource that can be attain'd and release'd (to reduce garbage generation by reusing objects; useful in games where you want to avoid GC at all costs).

function Point(xyz) {
  this.x = x
  this.y = y
  this.= z
Point.prototype.onrelease = function() {
Point = pooled(Point)
var p = Point(0, 0, 0)
p.release() // -> "released" 
console.log(Point.pooled()) // -> 1 
var p2 = Point(12, 12, 12)
console.log(Point.pooled()) // -> 0 
console.log(Point.extant()) // -> 1 
console.log(p2 === p)       // true  
Point.allocate(100, 12, 21, 1)  // preallocate 100 Point objects 
                                // with arguments 

Create a pooled constructor from an existing constructor.

By default, new objects will be sealed -- after the constructor is run, no new properties can be added to them.

Forward the arguments to the original constructor and create a new instance.

Get the number of currently held instances of newcons.

Get the number of currently pooled (released) instances of newcons.

Allocate number new newcons instances into the pool. Forward the provided arguments to them.

Returns the number of currently pooled objects.

Releases this instance. You should get rid of the reference to it in your code, as some other code might reuse this object at later point.

If there is an onrelease method on the object, it'll get called.