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    Welcome to POMY

    Pomy is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Pomy can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.


    $ mkdir project-name && cd project-name
    $ npm install pomy -g

    Pomy depends on Node.js and npm.


    Your project need to be configured using JSON in a pomy.json file.

      "group": "lico.atom",
      "artifact": "pomy-test",
      "version": "1.0.1",
      "name": "pomy-test",
      "title": "pomy-test - test pomy tool",
      "description": "test pomy tool",
      "private": false,
      "license": "MIT",
      "debug": true,
      "skin": "default",
      "define": "cmd",
      "keywords": "JSRT, Node.js, Gulp, Angularjs, Markdown, API Document, JsDoc, Open Source",
      "repository": {
        "type": "git",
        "url": "git@github.com/licoliu/pomy-test.git"
      "bugs": {
        "url": "http://github.com/liujc/pomy-test/issues"
      "homepage": "http://github.com/liujc/pomy-test",
      "dependencies": {},
      "devDependencies": {
        "pomy": "^1.0.1"
      "site": {
        "domain": "",
        "port": 8421,
        "user": "root",
        "nohup": true
      "manual": {
        "url": "http://github.com/liujc/pomy-test",
        "email": "lico.atom@gmail.com"
      "registry": "https://registry.npm.taobao.org",
      "googleWebmasterMeta": "",
      "author": "lico",
      "developers": [{
        "id": "lico",
        "name": "lico liu",
        "email": "lico.atom@gmail.com",
        "url": "https://github.com/licoliu"
      "contributors": [],
      "organization": {
        "name": "atomunion",
        "url": "https://github.com/atomunion"
      "target": "local"


    If you want to pack your project:

    $ pomy package --target release --version 1.0.1

    The syntax for running Pomy is as follows:

    $ pomy [<phase>] [options]
    • All available options are listed below:

      --target release/snapshort/local/test/...

      --version x.xx.xxx

    • The built in life cycles and their phases are in order are:

      clean - pre-clean -> clean -> post-clean

      default - validate -> dependancy -> initialize -> generate-sources -> process-sources -> generate-resources -> process-resources -> compile -> process-classes -> generate-test-sources -> process-test-sources -> generate-test-resources -> process-test-resources -> test-compile -> process-test-classes -> test -> prepare-package -> package -> pre-integration-test -> integration-test -> post-integration-test -> verify -> install -> deploy

      site - pre-site -> site -> post-site -> site-deploy

    A fresh build of a project generating all packaged outputs and the documentation site could be done with:

    $ pomy clean && pomy package && pomy site

    Just creating the site and running it can be done with:

    $ pomy clean && pomy site && pomy site:run

    Just Formating all js, css, sass, scss, less and html files can be done with:

    $ pomy format


    $ pomy format-js && pomy format-css && pomy format-html

    Just Fetching all js dependancies can be done with:

    $ pomy dependancy

    Just executing all unit test cases can be done with:

    $ pomy test

    This is the most common build invocation for a Pomy project.

    When not working with a project, and in some other use cases, you might want to invoke a specific task implemented by a part of Pomy - this is called a goal of a plugin. E.g.:

    $ pomy archetype:generate

    There are many different plugins avaiable and they all implement different goals.



    We welcome contributions of all kinds from anyone.


    Copyright (c) 2009~2016 lico and other contributors(https://github.com/licoliu/pomy/graphs/contributors)

    Licensed under the MIT License


    npm i pomy

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