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Track your pomodoros from the command line, witout any hassle.

Well, I got fed up with all the solutions available publicly. What I needed was a command line app that does not get in my way. Also, keeping in mind the fact that there is some actual work to be done, I decided to keep it as lean as possible, without any gold-plating or excess.


They are mainly things I actually previously coded up using Bash (❤️) while using (❤️❤️❤️ the best one out there):

  • having access to the current pomdoro/break state (how much time is left),
  • playing sounds on starting/finishing a pomodoro,
  • displaying simple notifications on starting/finishing a pomodoro (mainly so that I can easily discern whether I deserve an 05:00 or a 15:00),
  • changing my availability on Pidgin so that nobody bothers me while I should be very vey busy,
  • tagging (this is an absolutely awesome feature of which I fell in love with after some time).

The current time-state of the pomodoro is being written to a statefile every second whilepomodorojs is running. I'm cating it to xmobar.

As to tagging and storing pomdoro data, the information is being output to a statsfile. The format is DATE\tTAG1,TAG2,..,TAGN. There can be zero or more tags. It has to be noted that the comma-separated format is not enforced (You can write whatever as tags) but it is the only one currently supported.


Also, I wanted the app to be absolutely hassle free to use (on my Linux and with the packages I had at my disposal at the time).

Consequently, the dependencies are as follows:

  • mpg123 for beeping and booping,
  • purple-remote for changing your availability on Pidgin,
  • libnotify for showing notifications,
  • dialog for asking to enter the tags.

I have not yet tested the app on a system without those dependencies - who knows, maybe it will even WORK!?

Usage and management

git clone
cd pomodorojs && npm install
ln -s /path/to/pomodorojs/index.js /usr/local/bin/pomodorojs

The second part of hassle-freedom is delegating the app management to Linux:

  • SIGINT causes the application to revert any relevant state it has introduced (restore Pidgin status, write '--:--' as the current pomodoro time-state).
  • SIGSTOP pauses the current pomodoro/break. Don't do this, it's against the rules of pomodoro!
  • SIGCONT starts up a paused pomodoro.

Example process mgmt:

kill -STOP $(pidof pomodorojs)
kill -CONT $(pidof pomodorojs)
kill -INT $(pidof pomodorojs)

Command line arguments

(no args)           Start pomodoroing.
-t, -today          Display pomodoros done today.
--t=N, --time=N     Display pomodoros done N days from now. Sensible values are N<=0 e.g.
                    --t=0 - today, 
                    --t=-1 - yesterday.
--tags=a,b,c...     Only show pomodoros having any of the specified tags.
-n,-numberonly      Only show the number of pomodoros.


It works and is stable (I'm using it practically everyday), but is totally unpolished. All the stuff that I'm planning to do to it (sooner or later) is in the issues.


Thank You suonho for the incredible laser sound ! 😄