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Pomo Pomo

$ npm install -g pomo
$ pomojs --help


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Get started

$ pomojs                              # Start a timer 
$ pomojs "Conquer the world"          # Reason (great if you're logging) 
$ pomojs -w 30                        # --work for 30 minutes 
$ pomojs -b 12                        # --break for 12 minutes 
$ pomojs --help


  • ridiculously simple (just type pomojs)
  • configurable work and break durations (pomojs --work 10 --break 2)
  • announces via text-to-speech ("5 minutes to go!")
  • notifications
  • no support for long breaks (this is a feature. problem?)
  • tmux support (status bar integration, shown above)
  • optional logging


  • node.js (required)
  • osx 10.8+: gem install terminal-notifier
  • linux: sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin
  • osx (others): growlnotify
  • linux: sudo apt-get install espeak

see growl readme for growl requirements.


Tmux integration

Just add this to ~.tmux.conf: (works almost exactly like in pomo.rb)

 set-option -g status-right '#(cat ~/.pomo_stat)'

...then invoke it with pomojs -t.


Invoke it with pomojs -l ~/.pomo.log to log any pomodoros. Log file looks like this:

[2013-06-17 mon]
6:14am - 6:44am = work on things (25m + 5m)
7:05am - 7:32am = do great stuff (25m + 2m, stopped)
[2013-06-18 tue]
6:14am - 6:44am = eat pizza (25m + 5m)

Saving your settings

Add this to your shell config, so that the next time you can invoke pomojs with preset settings:

# ~/.bash_profile 
alias pomo="pomojs --log ~/.pomo.log --tmux"

Even add more presets:

# long-break pomodoro 
alias longpomo="pomo -b 20"
# 10-minute pomodoro 
alias minipomo="pomo -w 10"

Shortcut syntax

You can use this syntax to save some keystrokes.

# pomojs <work> <break> <reason> 
pomojs 25 2 Do things
# the same as: 
pomojs --work 25 --break 2 Do things

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(c) 2013, Rico Sta. Cruz. MIT