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    Maven pom.xml version changer, dependencies´s manager, properties changer.

    How to install

    Node Application

    • Clone the repository
    • cd into app folder
    • change the file config.json to suit your projects.
    • do "npm install" to install dependencies
    • execute with "node pom-version-changer.js"

    Node.js dependency

    • check folder app for a sample
    • add as a dependecy to your project pom-version-changer
    • add a require on your script
      var pvc = require("pom-version-changer");
    • Execute changes with
      pvc.processFromFile(configFile, (argv.backup == true));
      pvc.process(data, backupOption);
        Data should be an object with the same structure as the JSON file

    Why should you use it?

    If you have a lot projects that have dependencies between them and you would like to ease version management process this script should help you with it.

    Imagine that you have a big project with lots of subprojects and that those projects depend in some others also controlled by you.

      Project A
        : version 1.2
        - SubProject A.1
          : version 1.2 from parent
        - SubProject A.2
          : version 1.2 from parent
        - SubProject A.3
          : version 1.2 from parent
          - SubProject A.3.1
            : version 1.2 from parent
      Project B
        : version 3.0.1
        : depends on A.2
        - SubProject B.1
          : version 3.0.1 from parent
        - SubProject B.2
          : version 3.0.1 from parent
          : depends on A.2
      Project C
        : version 2.0
        : depends on A.2
        : depends on B.1
        : depends on B.2

    To control versions for these projects you would have to change each pom.xml that has a version to point to the new updated version. (you could use maven update child version for project version and use dependecies management, but that is not easy enough).

    With pom-version-changer full control over your pom.xml versions is possible. With only one file (config.json) projects are defined, versions are set, dependencies´s versions are configured.

    How to use

    Configuration file config.json for some projects:

      "paths": {
        "iee": "C:/wc/iee/7.6/iee-toolkit",
        "efa-components": "C:/wc/p2/15.6/efa-components/java",
        "efa-pom": "C:/wc/p2/15.6/efa-pom/"
      "projects": {
        "iee-toolkit": {
          "pom": "pom.xml",
          "basepath": "iee"
        "iee": {
          "pom": "iee/pom.xml",
          "parent": "iee-toolkit",
          "basepath": "iee"
        "iee-report": {
          "pom": "report/pom.xml",
          "parent": "iee-toolkit",
          "basepath": "iee"
        "iee-tutorial": {
          "pom": "tutorial/pom.xml",
          "parent": "iee-toolkit",
          "basepath": "iee"
        "efa-components": {
          "pom": "pom.xml",
          "basepath": "efa-components"
        "efa-dependencies": {
          "pom": "efa-dependencies/pom.xml",
          "parent": "efa-components",
          "basepath": "efa-components"
        "efa-pom": {
          "pom": "pom.xml",
          "basepath": "efa-pom"
      "projects-version": {
        "iee-toolkit": "7.6.4",
        "efa-components": "15.6.4"
      "dependencies-version": {
        "pt.efacec.se.aut/bus-core": "8.1.1",
        "pt.efacec.se.aut/bus-extensions": "2.1.1",
        "pt.efacec.se.aut/iee": "7.6.4"
      "properties": {
        "currentVersion": "15.6.4",
        "efaDependenciesVersion": "15.6.4",
        "ieeVersion": "7.6.4",
        "ieeReport": "7.6.4"

    paths: paths that you reference on projects by using basepath

    projects: define projects and parents

    projects-version: configure version for each product that you want to manage

    dependencies-version: configure dependencies version which will be updated on each project that has them defined

    properties: configure variables value to be set on each project

    Run pom-version-changer

      node pom-version-changer.js --config=config.json --backup

    Options config and backup are optional. If backup is specified a pom.xml.bak will be created.


    npm i pom-version-changer

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