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Polvo CSS

With this plugin, Polvo can handle CSS source files.

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You won't need to install it since it comes built in in Polvo.



Just put your .css files in your input or aliased dirs and it will be ready for use.


This plugin comes with partials support as well. It is, you can split big file into multiple pieces and tie it together where you prefer, by importing them.

Every file starting with _ won't be compiled alone. Instead, if some other file that doesn't start with _ imports it, it will be compiled within it.

  1. The @import tag syntax is based on the W3C specification.

  2. However it's behavior is different, much like you'll find in languages like Stylus.

  3. The @import call will be replaced with the contents of the .css it's pointing to. Do not forget this, your @import directives will be dropped and replaced with another file's contents.

  4. There's no way for keeping @import directives in the output file.

To include a partial in your css, just:

  1. Name your patial accordingly so it starts with _
  2. Include it in any of your css files by using the syntax
@import 'mypartial';
@import url('mypartial');

You decide what mode you prefer.

Final notes

  • Partials are referenced relatively
  • You can include partials inside partials recursively, but do not forget to @import the top-level partial in a non-partial, otherwise the whole partials-chain will be left out.