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    A proxy server configurable at runtime that can record and replay HTTP web requests. Uses the Polly.JS library by Netflix, and node-http-proxy.

    It was designed for use by applications written in any language (such as C#) that make external web requests during integration tests. Ideally you would consume Polly.JS directly in your tests so that the extra layer of indirection is unnecessary.


    • Install polly-proxy via npx polly-proxy or npm i -g polly-proxy
    • Start the polly proxy service locally before your tests run.
    • Register a service to be proxied. You will receive a JSON response with the open port you can send requests to. (repeat for all services)
      • POST /addproxy?proxyPath=${encodeURIComponent('')}.
    • Start a test session. Test data will be recorded using the provided test name.
      • POST /replay?testName=your-unique-test-name-here
      • Any API calls that were not present in the recorded data will be externally made and the response persisted.
        • Each time replay is called, the current replay will be stopped and started over from the beginning.
    • Make HTTP requests from your app, but change the base URL to http://localhost:(port). For example, if the port returned /addproxy was 56064, and the URL was, have your app make requests to http://localhost:56064/getsomething/foo.
      • Right now the order of the requests does not matter, but you can fork this library and change the polly settings to whatever you want here
    • Stop the test session when your test completes. This will record a HAR file to disk locally, which will be used in future replays.
      • POST /stop?testName=your-unique-test-name-here
    • See this test as an example for how to consume the API
    • Read the Polly.JS documentation for more information on how the record-replay logic works.


    • Does not support parallel tests (yet!)
    • Proxies will be automatically cleaned up after a short time
    • The Polly.JS options are not yet configurable. Fork this library or open an issue with what you'd like to see exposed.




    npm i polly-proxy

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