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    🐝 Pollinator is a super lightweight library for lazy people to poll any function (API gateway anyone?). Supports retries, pausing, cancelling, emits events you can subscribe to. It has a nice, natural API and works in Node and browsers.

    Main features

    • simple API 🔨
    • start, pause and stop at any time 🎮
    • add event listeners to receive polling results and polling status changes 🎭
    • written in TypeScript 👷‍♂️
    • cancel polling when certain conditions are met based on current or previous results 🔚
    • supports sync and async functions 🎛
    • configurable delay between polling
    • configurable retry attempts in case of error 🔄
    • well tested, no unnecessary calls
    • no bs - does only one thing and gets the job done 👍🏻


    For node just do your:

    yarn add pollinator
    npm install pollinator

    For the browsers add the CDN link:

    <!-- either use unpkg.com -->
    <script src="https://unpkg.com/pollinator@0.3.2/dist/index.umd.min.js"></script>
    <!-- or use JSDelivr -->
    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/pollinator@0.3.2/dist/index.umd.min.js"></script>


    Here's a minimal example

    // es6
    import Pollinator from 'pollinator'
    function pollingFunction() {
      return fetch('http://some-url.com/endpoint')
    // configure your poller
    const poller = new Pollinator(pollingFunction)
    // remember to start

    This will poll pollingFunction indefinitely.

    To get the return from the polling function you need subscribe to an event.

    poller.on(Pollinator.Event.POLL, handlePoll)
    function handlePoll(response, status) {
      // do something with the response and current polling status
      console.log('The response is:', response)
      console.log('Current polling status is:', status)

    Say you want to stop polling when a specific response comes back from the polling function.

    const poller = new Pollinator(pollingFunction, {
      conditionFn: stopPollingOnCondition,
    function stopPollingOnCondition(currentResponse, previousResponse) {
      // return true if you wish to stop polling
      if (currentResponse === 'Half a Bee' && previousResponse === 'Eric')
        return true
      // return false if you don't want to stop and keep on polling
      return false


    Pollinator constructor params

    Name Type Required Description Default
    pollFn function required A function you want to poll. Can be sync or async.
    config PollinatorConfig optional Optional configuration. Check details below see PollinatorConfig type below

    PollinatorConfig type

    Name Type Required Description Default
    polFnParams unknown optional Use this option to pass some parameters to the pollFn undefined
    conditionFn function optional Use this function to stop polling. The function will be called with two parameters of current and previous response from the pollFn. Must return a boolean where true stops polling.
    (current: unkown, previous: unkown) => bool
    () => false
    delay number optional A value in milliseconds setting the timeout between consequent pollFn calls 5000
    failRetryCount number optional A value that indicates the number of attempts to call pollFn after catching an error. Zero means that polling will fail immediately after catching error. Any positive number means that Pollinator will try to poll that many times until it emits the Event.ERROR. 3

    Status enum


    Event enum

    enum Event {
      POLL = 'poll',
      END = 'end',
      ERROR = 'error',
      STATUS_CHANGE = 'statusChange',

    Pollinator instance methods and properties

    Name Type Params Description
    start method Starts polling and changes status to Status.POLLING
    stop method Stops polling and changes status to Status.FINISHED
    pause method Pauses polling and status changes to Status.IDLE
    on method (event: Event, listener: function) => void Registers an event listener for a given Event type.
    off method (event: Event, listener: function) => void Removes an event listener for a given Event type.
    status property Get current status of your poller. Value is of type Status

    Building and contributing

    If you want to contribute then please do. PRs are welcome. Before squashing any bug or adding a new feature please create an issue first. Also add a test case(s) before contributing any code.

    After cloning the repo do the usual:

    npm i

    To run tests use this script:

    yarn test

    To build run:

    yarn build

    To do

    • max attempts - stop polling when a max number of attempts is achieved
    • current attempts number in the event data
    • timeout - configure max amount of time after which polling stops
    • total polling time in the event data

    Spread the pollen 🌻

    If you like this lib consider hitting that star ⭐️ button.

    You can hit me up here

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