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Polaris Colors Plugin (v1.4.3)

In addition to the built-in features and components comes with Polaris framework, you can also use a set of useful plugins.

Polaris Colors Plugin contains a set of flat and beautiful colors you can use for styling HTML elements.

Polaris Colors Plugin is divided in two categories:

  • Color Palettes
  • Color Packs


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In general for production, Polaris Plugins depend on Polaris Framework Core CSS and/or JS libraries.

However, this specific plugin can be used stand alone. But, for development, it depends on:

Get Started

Install via npm

npm install polaris-colors

Use Polaris CDN

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Download Polaris Colors

Download Polaris Colors

Clone Polaris

You can also clone Polaris Colors using git:

git clone https://github.com/heminsatya/polaris-colors.git

Customize Polaris Colors

First, you need to download or clone it, then you need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Open up your favourite CLI program.
  • Change directory to the path where Polaris Colors extracted:
cd path-to/polaris-colors/
  • Install packages by:
npm install

Now, you have everything set-up. You can customize it however you want.

Next step after customization is to rebuild the CSS libraries.

  • To rebuild the CSS libraries run:
npm run main
npm run main-dev
npm run polaris
npm run polaris-dev
npm run material
npm run material-dev
npm run html
npm run html-dev
npm run flat
npm run flat-dev
npm run metro
npm run metro-dev
npm run social
npm run social-dev

Color Palettes

Polaris Color Palettes

This color set consists of 26 flat color palettes that you can find in:


Material Colors

This color set is inspired from Material Design Colors which was designed by Google in 2014 and later has been adopted in many Google applications.


Color Packs

HTML Colors

HTML supports about 140 standard color names.

Here you can find a set of these colors:


Flat UI Colors

Another set of color plugins known as Flat UI colors, that you can find here:


Metro Colors

Another set of color plugins known as Metro colors, which refers to the colors created by Microsoft for windows, and you can find here:


Social Colors

Here you can find a set of famous social network colors:



For easier bundling, you can also use the "main" style libray:


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